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Analog Picker1.12

26 January 2002


Version1.12 is a free upgrade to those who have purchased version 1.0. MSVBVM50.dll. (Should already be installed on most machines.) Needs Analog.exe to run. This is freely available from Stephen Turner's site at http://www.analog.cx/. Analog Picker must be run from the same folder as Analog.exe and analog.cfg. Windows 95/98/nt plus.

Description of Analog Picker1.12

Analog Picker is a front end or GUI for Analog.exe, which is a free command line website log file analyser and report generator. (The best I have found!) With Analog Picker you can join several log files into one, add the date to every line, view the report and configure Analog.exe either by selecting or unselecting reports or by opening analog.cfg at the click of a button. If your webserver is a Microsoft IIS then you need this Utility! Users of other servers will find Analog Picker useful for joining log files and for configuring Analog.cfg.

What's New For Version 1.12

Large log file support - This version can handle log files in excess of 155 megabytes in size. I don't know what the limit is, if there is one! (Tested by a happy customer on Win2k. I wish my log files were that big!)
Optimised code for faster running.
More detailed status information lets you know exactly what Analog Picker is doing.
Just added, disable connection checking for those who don't use dialup networking.

What's New For Version 1.1

Supports analog 4.90beta3 commands. Better config window with more options. Drop down combo box remembers last 4 folders used. Supports analog's DNS lookup. Online and Offline. Supports LookupIP DNS lookup. Online and Offline. A faster free utility by Carsten Clasohm at http://www.clasohm.com. Recognises the OUTPUT command in the .cfg file which tells analog to produce HTML, plain txt etc.
Just added, disable connection checking for those who don't use dialup networking.

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