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SnapShotPro Home page

Description: SnapShotPro lets you take a screen shot and save it as a jpg, bmp, wmf, emf, ico or gif file. You can save the full screen, current window or select an area.

    SnapShotPro 1.40 Features:
  • Runs in the system tray or stays on top
  • Opens existing graphics
  • Hot Key for quick action
  • Preview images before opening
  • Print without opening
  • Print preview
  • Copy to clipboard
  • Enlarge or reduce opened SnapShots
  • Paste from clipboard
  • Rotate 90 degrees
  • Flip horizontal
  • Flip Vertical
  • Send saved SnapShot as an email attachment
  • Associate loaded file with SnapShoPro
  • Simple to use
  • Free Upgrades
  • Full install/uninstaller
  • Only about US$23.00 (NZ$40)

Download a free 14 day trial of SnapShotPro now by clicking the download button.

Click to download SnapShotPro now!
File size 2196 kb

Unzip the contents of the zip file, double click on "Setup.exe". When the installation is complete, find the shortcut to SnapShotPro in your start menu. You will see the splash screen where you can enter your liberation key. If you have purchased one then paste it in the correct text box and click the "Unlock" button, otherwise click the "Continue" button to run SnapShotPro.

SnapShotPro Splash Screen

Note that the "Continue" button will be disabled when the free trial period is over and you haven't purchased a liberation key.

Main Window:


Check this box if you want to view the SnapShot after it is created. You may want this unchecked if you are going to take multiple SnapShots in quick succession.
Hot Key
Select this box if you want to use the hot key option. The current hot key is the insert button.
Save As
Enter a file name to save your SnapShot as. If it already exists then a number is added to the front, eg 0SnapShot, 1SnapShot, 2SnapShot etc.
Full Screen
Check this box if you want a SnapShot of the full screen, uncheck for a SnapShot of the current window.
Select Area
Check this box if you want to select an area of the screen to SnapShot. If this box and the Full Screen box are both checked then the Full Screen box is ignored and the cursor will change to a cross enabling you to select any rectangular area on the screen. Simply left click the mouse button and hold it down while you drag the rubber band to the opposite corner and release the button to create the SnapShot.
BMP, JPG or Clipboard
Select the file format you wish to save your SnapShot as. JPG is recommended for web pages etc. You can also choose clipboard to have the SnapShot created in the clipboard. You can then save the SnapShot as any file type. Eg .gif, .bmp, .jpg, .wmf, .emf, .ico etc. You can not save from one file type to another! But you can copy an image to the clipboard then paste it back in to the viewer then save it as any file type!
JPG File Quality
If you chose JPG as the file type then you can also select the image quality with this slider. %100 is the best quality which produces the largest file. Reducing the percentage reduces the file size and image quality.
SnapShot Button
Click to take a SnapShot. This window will minimise back to an icon so as to be out of the way when the SnapShot is taken.
Open Button
Click this button to open and preview existing SnapShots and images. This window opens.

Open ShapShotPro Image

As you can see, you get a nice sized preview of the selected image on the right.
Print Button
Hit the print button to get the print preview window.

Print preview ShapShotPro Image

Select your printer
Choose paper orientation
Increase or decrease image size to fit page
Add the file name to the top of the page

Hit the delete button the delete the selected file. Note, you will not get any warnings. The file will be permanently deleted!

SnapShotPro Image Viewer

When an image or SnapShot is displayed, it is shown at full size. Large images can be reduced by right clicking on them. Small images can be enlarged by left clicking on them.
Open Button
Click this button to open another image as above.
Save Button
Click this button to save the image after resizing etc. If the filename already exists you will be asked if you want to overwrite it.
Email Button
Click this button to send your snapshot as an email attachment.
Requires MS Outlook or Outlook Express.
Associate Button
Click this button to associate the image type loaded with SnapShotPro. When you double click on an associated image, it will be loaded by SnapShotPro.
If the image type is already associated with SnapShotPro you will be asked if you want to undo the association.
Rotate Button
Click this button to rotate the image 90 degrees.
The bigger the image, the longer it will take to rotate.
Mirror Vertical Button
Flip left or right
Mirror Horizontal Button
Flip up or down
Refresh Button
Click this button to restore the image to it's original size and orientation.
Copy to Clipboard Button
Click this button to copy the image to the clipboard o it will be available to SnapShotPro and other image editing software.
Paste From Clipboard Button
Click this button to paste the image from the clipboard to ShapShotPro.
A pasted image can then be saved as any of the file types mentioned above!

Please let me know if you have any problems running this Utility Software or have any suggestions for it's improvement.

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