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Deal with the latest threat to your surfing!
There is now a new type of advertising that will invade your computer!
It utilizes Windows Messenger Service to popup a message box on your screen with the advertising text right in your face. The messenger service window will stay on top of every other window until you close it.
But the good news is that PopupOff2.4 and above now closes this new annoyance...

Free Upgrade to PopupOff 2.5 out now! also closes those Web Page Dialog popups and is one of the very few popup stoppers able to do so!

Are You Sick Of Those Popup Windows And Script Error Messages Slowing You Down?
I was, until I created PopupOff!
Now I can surf without having to close those pesky popups!
And now so can you!

    PopupOff 2.5 Features:
  • Supports IExplorer
  • Supports Netscape
  • Supports Opera
  • Closes Web Page Dialog popups
  • Closes Windows Messenger Service popups
  • Closes Script Error messages
  • Closes Security Warning messages
  • Allows up to 4 browser windows open at once
  • Hot Key Toggles on or off
  • Auto Close or Manual Close
  • Sound FX to remind you popups are being closed
  • Doesn't Create a database of sites visited
  • Simple to use
  • Start with Windows option
  • Remembers settings
  • Small file size
  • Runs in the system tray or stays on top
  • Counts popups closed
  • Free Upgrades
  • Only about US$20.00
One customer who had just purchased PopupOff was a little miffed when he found a free popup stopper on the internet. He downloaded it and tried it out, but was pleased to tell me that it let at least two popups through during his short test! He promptly deleted it and went back to using PopupOff saying that it had never let a single popup through!

Download a free 14 day trial of PopupOff1.0 now by clicking the download button.

Click to download PopUpOff now!
File size 155 kb

PopupOff Instructions:

Browser List
Select up to four browser windows you want to keep open while surfing!
Check this box if you want to toggle "Auto" on and off using the "Insert" key.
Warning! do not use the hot key option with PopupOff and SnapShotPro at the same time because they will conflict!
Select this box if you want to have PopupOff close all popups for you.
If you have this checked then you will notice that the icon changes. This lets you know the state of PopupOff. If it is not showing a red circle with a diagonal line through it then either there are no browser windows open or "Auto" is off.
Script Errors
Check this box to have PopupOff close any script error windows. These will slow down your surfing if you have to manually close them!
Security Warnings
Check this box so that you don't have to see security warning messages.
Start With Windows
Check this box to have PopupOff start every time you start Windows.
Check this box to play the glass.wav file every time a popup is closed.
The file Glass.wave must be in the same folder as PopupOff 2.4 or above.
If you want to change the sound then rename glass.wav and copy the wav file you want to the same folder as PopupOff and name it glass.wav.
Messenger Service
Check this box to close any messenger service windows that popup.
Close Popups
Click this button to manually close all open browser windows except the currently selected ones.

Don't forget, when you have purchased version 1.0 that you get free upgrades!
To get your free upgrade, email me your Software Code as displayed on the splash screen and I will send you the latest version with a new liberation key.

Check back at this page often to find out when new free upgrades are available. Or better still, sign up for the free newsletter and not only be informed when your free upgrades are available but also get freebies and tips on how to get the best use of your Utility Software.

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