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ModemChk3.56 NZ$40
(About US$22)

30 Day trial

Click to View ModemChk Screen Shot

Click to download ModemChk now!

File size 1532 kb

This is the most popular of my utilities. Almost every one has had problems with their modem at some time. ModemChk is useful for checking the results of your last connection, reconfiguring your modem, comparing results, checking line noise etc. Click the auto detect button or use the command line options to open and run an AT command of your choice!
If you have problems with the self extractor then download the zip file instead!
Purchase your Liberation key here before the 30 days expires!

ModemChk3.60. FREE

Click To View Screen Shot Of ModemChk3.60

Click the image for a screen shot!
File size 179 kb
Not available for download

This is the latest version of ModemChk.

It is not available for download, but will be E-mailed to you on request only after you have purchased version 3.56!

Please include an email address that allows file attachments and include your software key from version 3.56 so that I can send you your new liberation key with the program.
Note: Do not uninstall previous version!

AutoZipBackup1.0 NZ$50
(About US$27)

14 day trial

Click to View screen shot of AutoZipBackup

Click to download AutoZipBackup now!

File size 1705 kb

Back up your data now! Use AutoZipBackup to automatically create zipped backups of any file, folder or even a whole drive to any drive or folder on your system or network including CD Writer!
Create a list of files or folders to backup or use the search facility to seek out new files and have them backed up while you sleep.

Purchase it now and get your free upgrade to version 1.30! Includes repair zip, Auto Run From Schedule, Create/Delete Folders, Delete zip, Unzip.
New! Version 1.30 includes command line option to load alternative file lists, Save log files option, View log files, resizeable windows, Check target drive is available before Auto Run continues.
Click here for more details.

CameraView 2.0 NZ$20
(About US$12)

20 use trial

Click to View home page of CameraView

Click to download CameraView now!

File size 26 kb

CameraView lets you view multiple network IP cameras.

  • View up to 10 IP Cameras
  • Auto logon option to quickly view the camera shots
  • Pre-configured for Intellinet Cameras
  • Tabbed browsers for fast camera swapping
  • Configure camera IP Addresses
  • Configure logon page

    Click here for more details about CameraView.

    Purchase your liberation key here!

  • Check Email Address Plus NZ$30
    (About US$21.20)

    20 use trial

    Click to View home page of Check Email Address Plus

    Click to download Check Email Address Plus now!

    File size 44 kb

    Check Email Address Plus will quickly verify email addresses.

  • Direct connection to email address server
  • Save whitelist and black list as CSV files for easy import by other applications
  • Import Outlook contacts etc saved as CSV file for automatic checking
  • Clean blacklist when duplicates found in whitelist
  • Automatically removes <,",',{ characters and spaces from addresses
  • Free 20 use trial
  • No setup, just unzip and use
  • Simple to use
  • Small file size
  • Free Upgrades
  • Only about US$21.20 (NZ$30)
    Click here for more details about Check Email Address Plus.

    Purchase your liberation key here!

  • InternetInfo1.2 NZ$10
    (About US$6)

    30 day trial

    Click to View Screen Shot of Internetnfo

    Click to download Internetnfo now!

    File size 1492 kb

    Ever forgotten your internet logon name or password? Too embarrassed to phone your ISP to ask again? This utility will find all the info you need to get connected again!

    Note. Requires Win9X. Only passwords that are currently saved can be displayed! Warning!! If you don't want others to access your logon info then I recommend that you install this utility, try it out then copy the exe file to a floppy disk for safe keeping and delete the exe from your hard drive! Beware! The 30 day trial may have expired by the time you need to use it, so purchase it now!

    Analog Picker NZ$40
    (About US$22)

    30 day trial

    Click to View Screen Shot Of AnalogPicker

    Click to download AnalogPicker now!

    File size 51 kb

    Analog Picker ver1.11 is a front end or GUI for Analog.exe, which is a free command line web site log file analyser and report generator. Get it from http://www.analog.cx
    With Analog Picker you can join several log files into one, add the date to every line, view the report and configure Analog.exe. If your web server is a Microsoft IIS then you need this Utility to view your log files! Requires Analog.exe and msvbvm50.dll.
    Just Added! Disable connection checking for those who don't use dialup networking.

    New Version1.12 available now! Supports analog 4.90beta3 and analog 5.
    Click here for more details.
    Only available to those who have purchased version 1.1.

    Leave-A-Note! 2.35 NZ$30
    (About US$16)

    14 day trial

    Leave-A-Note! Screen Saver

    Click to download Leave-A-Note! now!

    File size 109 kb

    Leave-A-Note! is more than just a screen saver.
    It is a floating, bouncing note pad.
    It lets your visitors leave a note if you are away from your PC.
    Choose any picture as your background image.
    Adjust the speed of the animation.
    Choose font, size and color.
    Re-sizeable note window.
    Discounts for bulk purchases...
    $120 for 5 liberation keys, you save $30.
    $220 for 10 liberation keys, you save $80.
    $400 for 20 liberation keys, you save $200.
    $950 for unlimited, no liberation key required!
    Give it away to all your customers with your logo fixed as the image. Imagine the advertising that would do for your company!
    Includes free customisation with your company Logo.
    Requires msvbvm60.dll installed on your PC.
    Download the zip file, unzip to a temp folder and run the file to install.

    purchase your liberation key here, then order your customised version from Utility Software

    PopupOff 1.0 NZ$40
    (About US$22)

    14 day trial

    Click to View Screen Shot of PopupOff

    Click to download PopupOff now!

    File size 155 kb

    PopupOff 1.0 is an easy to use popup window closer.
    It Supports IExplorer, Netscape and Opera.
    Sits in the system tray for easy access.
    Hot key activation/de-activation.
    Tray icon indicates whether active or not.
    Manual or Automatic mode.
    Displays number of popups closed.
    Closes Script Error Boxes.
    Includes help file.

    New Version 2.4 available now! Free upgrade. Allows you to select up to 4 browser windows to remain open. Closes Security Warning messages and Windows Messenger Service popups, The latest advertising spam and sound!
    Click here for more details!
    Only available to those who have purchased version 1.0.

    Startup Doctor NZ$30
    (About US$16)

    20 use trial

    Click To View Screen Shot of Startup Doctor

    Click to download Startup Doctor now!

    File size 22 kb

    Startup Doctor lets you control which programs load from the startup list in the registry.

  • Runs in the system tray or stays on top
  • Monitors Startup list for changes
  • Alerts you when the startup list has changed
  • Alert may warn of Virus program being added to startup list
  • All original startup settings are saved for easy restoration
  • You can see the programs you have removed from the startup list
  • You can run most of those programs manually from Startup Doctor
  • Simple to use
  • Small file size
  • Free Upgrades

    New Version 1.1 Out Now!
    Click here for more details!

  • SnapShotPro NZ$40
    (About US$22)

    14 day trial

    Click To View Screen Shot of SnapShot pro

    Click to download SnapShot pro now!

    File size 2,248 kb

    SnapShotPro is a Screen capture Utility that sits in the system tray next to the clock. It takes a screen shot of the active window, the whole screen or you can select any portion of a window and save it as a .bmp, .jpg, .wmf, .emf or .ico file. Also Includes a viewer to show the SnapShot just created.
    Includes Print preview, Send SnapShot as Email attachment, Hot key, Open other images with preview or view, associate image files with SnapShotPro, select any available printer, fit to printer page, center etc... Includes setup and uninstall programs.

    New Version 1.30 Out Now! Includes Rotate, Refresh, Copy & Paste images.
    Click here for more details!

    IE Graphics Toggle Pro NZ$40
    (About US$22)

    14 day trial

    Click to download IE Graphics Toggle Pro now!

    File size 21 kb

    IE Graphics Toggle Pro is a Utility that sits in the system tray next to the clock.
    It allows you to toggle graphics, video, animation and sound on or off while you are surfing the net.
    With these toggled off your surfing will be a lot faster!
    Ideal for people who surf for hits etc!
    This version will make your changes take effect on the next page loaded.
    Requires IExplorer 4.0 or higher.

    SnapShot Free

    Click To View Screen Shot of SnapShot

    Click to download SnapShot now!

    File size 108 kb

    SnapShot is a Screen capture Utility that sits in the system tray next to the clock. It takes a screen shot of the active window or the whole screen and saves it as a .bmp or a .jpg file. Also Includes a viewer to show the SnapShot just created.

    IE Graphics Toggle

    Click to download IE Graphics Toggle now!

    File size 11 kb

    This utility sits in the system tray and is a shortcut to enable/disable graphics download while viewing web pages. Speeds up web surfing, blocks most banner ads.
    It writes to the registry, the same as Internet Explorer options does when you enable or disable "Show Pictures".
    You must close and re-start Internet Explorer for the changes to take effect.
    Requires IE4.0 or higher
    RegOCX. Free

    Click To View Screen Shot of RegOCX

    Click to download RegOCX now!

    File size 9 kb

    RegOCX is a front end for Regsvr32.exe, Which comes with Windows.
    Use RegOCX to register or unregister ActiveX .OCX & .DLL Files at the click of a button.

    Be careful not to unregister required files or your computer may not restart!

    Requires msvbvm50.dll
    DllOCXRegister.reg Free

    Click to download DllOCXRegister.reg now!

    File size 1 kb

    Register or Unregister DLL and OCX files by right clicking on them.

    Download and Right click on this .reg file and select "Merge" from the popup menu. This will add the entries to your registry so that when you right click on a dll or ocx file the popup menu will include "Register" and "Unregister". This is handy for removing any unnecessary registry entries or re-registering files that weren't registered properly by their setup programs. Be careful not to unregister required files or your computer may not restart!

    Download and merge DllOCXRegisterStop.reg to disable the right click commands.

    Compress It Free

    Click to View Screen Shot of Compress It

    Click to download Compress It now!

    File size 6 kb

    Compress files - for programmers.

    Needs compress.exe! "Compress it" is a front end for compress.exe. When you re-compile an .exe file you usually have to run the setup wizard to create the setup files needed to install the program. But if the changes made are minor or you haven't added any other resources, you only need to compress the new .exe file. This utility is a quick and easy way to create .ex_ files.
    NEW! Compress It Plus.
    Lets you compress more than one file at a time.
    Save projects for quick access to repeated tasks.
    Click here for more details!

    More software Utilities added soon!

    Freshup... Keep your laptop and desktop computers synchronized!
    This utility will copy the latest version of files between 2 selected folders.
    Has a timed auto synchronize that runs in the back ground.
    Could also be used to back up files directly to your CD-Writer!

    FolderBlock... Will allow you to password protect folders on your computer so that others won't have access to your data!

    GST Manager... Download your bank statement from the bank and calculate your GST. Ideal for self employed people who don't want to pay a fortune for professional accounting software or accountant fees.

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