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Compress It Plus Home Page

Compress It Plus lets you create multiple *._xe files.

All you need to run this Utility Software is a copy of "Compress.exe" in the Compress It Plus folder.
Compress.exe is not included in the download!
You should use the correct version supplied with your programming language.

I'll keep the instructions brief since this Utility Software is only of use to programmers.
If you are a programmer then you should have no trouble understanding how Compress It Plus works.
After downloading and unzipping the file to a new folder and copying compress.exe to that new folder. Run Compress It Plus and simply browse to the drive and folder that contains the files you want to compress. Select one or more files, browse to the destination drive and folder on the right and click the "Compress It" button.

About Button:
Click this button to see version number and registration information.
You will see your software code which is needed for registering Compress It Plus and if registered, you will see your liberation key.

Exit Button:
If you don't understand the function of this button you had better not read any further!

Save Button:
Click this button to save the current project settings.
This information is saved to an ini type file. It includes source file path, selected files and destination path. The file extension ".sav" is automatically added!

Open Button:
Click this button to open a previously saved project!
Compress It Plus will automatically browse to the correct source drive and folder then select the correct files, then browse to the correct destination drive and folder.
Provided source files and destination folder are accessible, all you have to do now is click the "Compress It" button and you are done!

Download a free 14 use trial of Compress It Plus now by clicking the download button.

Click to download Compress It Plus now!
File size 18 kb

If you want to continue using Compress It Plus after the free 14 uses then you can purchase a liberation key for only about US$6.00 (NZ$10.00)
Simply click the "Buy" button on the left hand menu bar above.

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