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CameraView Home page

Description: CameraView lets you easily view multiple network IP Cameras

    CameraView Features:
  • View up to 10 network cameras
  • Auto logon option to quickly view the camera shots
  • Pre-configured for Intellinet Cameras
  • Tabbed browsers for fast camera swapping
  • Configure camera IP Addresses
  • Configure logon page
  • Free 20 use trial
  • No setup, just unzip and use
  • Simple to use
  • Small file size
  • Free Upgrades
  • Only about US$11.60 (NZ$20)

Download a free 20 use trial of CameraView now by clicking the download button.

Click to download CameraView now!
File size 26 kb

Or download the free 20 use trial "full installation" file here (includes uninstall).
Then unzip and run setup.exe.
Click to download full CameraView install file now!
File size 1.48 mb

After downloading the zip file, Create a new folder anywhere on your hard drive and name it "CameraView". Unzip the contents of the zip file to this new folder, double click on "CameraView.exe". You will see the splash screen where you can enter your liberation key if you have purchased one and click the "Unlock" button, otherwise click the "Continue" button.
Note that the "Continue" button will be disabled after the free 20 use trial has expired!

CameraView Splash Screen

CameraView Browser:

CameraView CameraView

Click the link on the top right to visit this website.
Click the "About" link to re-open the splash screen.
Click the "Help" link to view this page in the current tab.
CameraView is pre-configured for two cameras, to add more cameras click the "Options" link.

CameraView Options:

CameraView Options

Click the scroll bar to increase the number of cameras.
As the number of cameras changes, tabs are added.

Tick the "Auto Logon" tickbox to auto logon to the cameras.
Enter your user ID if different from "guest".
Enter your logon password if different from "guest".
Enter the logon page the has the user ID and password sent to it.
For each of the cameras you need to enter the IP address. This is the most important entry and must be correct. If you don't know what it is please contact your network administrator or the person who installed and set up the cameras.
Click the "Done" button to save your settings.

If you have a tick in the "Auto Logon" tickbox this is what happens when you click the "Camera1" tab on the main window:
All the information from the CameraView Options for that camera are added together and sent like this:

mode=ActiveX is required by the Intellinet cameras, but shouldn't cause any problems for other cameras.
If you don't have an Intellinet IP camera and the Auto Logon doesn't work, you should untick the "Auto Logon" tickbox and enter the correct url in the "Camera IP Address" box.

When CameraView is minimised, the current browser tab is set to "about:blank" to save bandwidth. The current camera is reloaded when CameraView is resized.

Important note on security. All settings are saved in the registry and may be accessible to others!

Disclaimer: This Utility is provided "as is" and has no warranty. Utility Software or Tony Dawson, the author of Utility Software will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly by the use or miss-use of any software downloaded from this site!

Please let me know if you have any problems running this Utility Software or have any suggestions for it's improvement.

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