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AutoZipBackup 1.30

15th July 2002

Version1.30 is a free upgrade to those who have purchased version 1.0!

Use AutoZipBackup to automatically create zipped backups of any file, folder or even a whole drive to any drive or folder on your system or network, including CD writer!
Create a list of files or folders to backup or use the search facility to seek out new files and have them backed up while you sleep.

Whats New in Version 1.30!
When Auto run, no ZipBackup until connected to target drive.
All windows are now resizeable.
Commandline feature lets you load different file lists.
Option for Log files to be saved.
View previous log files.

New in version 1.25
Search by file type.
10 second delay before Auto Run starts.
Use the date as the zip file name.
Incremented backups.
Includes Unzip to restore your backups.

AutoZipBackup Screen Shot


Auto Run option so that you can add AutoZipBackup to a Scheduled task
Use Your saved list of backup jobs or search for new files to backup
Include or exclude program files, e.g. exe,com.dll,hlp,ocx etc
Update existing zip files with new data
Includes Unzip to restore your backups.
Include or exclude system files in backup
Include or exclude path names
AutoZipBackup only files created after a certain date
Choose Verbose (Full logging) or Normal logging to review results of AutoZipBackup
Choose Quiet mode for minimal logging
Choose level of compression
Create or delete folders from within AutoZipBackup
Repair/List contents of zip files
Unzip all zipped files or selected files
Free 14 day trial
Free upgrade to version 1.30 to those who purchase version 1 for less than US $25.00.
Click here for more details!


Windows 95(tm) or higher
ZipBackup.dll (included in download file)
UnZipBackup.dll (included in free upgrade file)
MSFlxgrd.ocx (included in free upgrade file)
Richtx32.ocx (included in download file)


Unzip the download file to a temporary folder, run Setup.exe and follow instructions (please!)

AutoZipBackup Instructions:

Step 1. Set all the options as listed above.

Step 2. Use the drive and folder boxes on the right to navigate to the destination of the zip files.
If you want to create a new folder, right click on the folder box and select create new folder from the popup menu and type in the name of your new folder. (Only available in version 1.1 and above)

Step 3. Use the drive and folder and if applicable the file boxes on the left to select which files to zip.
Note that as you double click folders or files, the textbox on the right changes to suggest a zip file name. You can change this if you want to.
If you double click on a file, it is automatically added to the job list, with the zip file name that is shown in the textbox on the right.
If you want to backup the whole folder, just double click on it to open it, then click the "Add To List" button.
It goes without saying that if you make a mistake, select the job you don't want and hit the "Delete From List" button.
Also note that any valid drive may be used, including mapped network drives and CD Writers.
When you are happy with job list, hit the "Zip Backup Files" button and watch the log window display the results!

AutoZipBackup Log Screen Shot

AutoZipBackup Log

The 'Save Log File' Checkbox defaults to ticked. This will save the log file with a file name of todays date. Running AutoZipBackup more than once per day will add to the log file of the same name.
You can view previous log files by clicking on the arrow buttons.

Using The Command Line Option

You can create as many file lists as you like. For instance if you want to run a weekly ZipBackup you may want backup more files than you would for a daily backup. You would create a file called 'Weekly.dat' for example by running the command...
'C:\Program Files\AutoZipBackup\AutoZipBackup.exe' Weekly
You can create a Scheduled task or create a shortcut on your desk top using the same command.
Note: Although you can create as many file lists as you want to, they will all use the same settings and options!

Restore Your ZipBackup

If you select a zip file from the zip file list and hit the "Unzip ZipBackup" button you will see the following screen listing the contents of the file. Again you can choose your options before restoring your ZipBackup. If you click on a file in the list, the folder icon will change to an open folder indicating that only this file will be extracted!
If no files are selected then all will be extracted!

AutoZipBackup  UnZip Screen Shot

Before hitting the "Unzip" button, make sure you have browsed to the correct drive and folder.
You will be prompted to check the zip file name and destination before any files are extracted!
The UnZipBackup Log is not saved to disk although you could copy and paste into a word processor if you wanted to.
The log was only intended as a way of checking that there were no errors in the UnZipBackup.

AutoZipBackup UnZip Screen Shot

Important Details And Handy Hints

To backup to your CD Writer, you must have Adaptecs DirectCD or similar loaded. This gives AutoZipBackup direct access to the drive. Windows XP needs a patch to over-ride file caching which denies direct access to the CD Writer!
Also use Re-Writeable Cd's.


Compression rate
: 0 - 9. 6 is recommended for best results.
Use list or Search. Use one or the other. You could use your list first, then used the search to see what new files have been created that should be backed up.

Exclude zip,bak,exe,dll,cab etc from search
. This only applies to the search not to the list! The current list of excluded file extensions is as follows: TMP, SWP, DLL, EXE, OVR, OCX, SYS, COM, AGO, BAK, OLD, VBX, HLP, CHM, DRV, 386, BIN, OCA, VXD, NLS, CAB, ZIP. Also any file with a "$" in the extension will not be added to the list for backing up. E.G. Autosave.$av

Search: Search for files created on or before the date in the date textbox. If you leave the date textbox empty then AutoZipBackup searches for files created yesterday. Only local hard disks are searched. Temporary Internet, Cookies and History folders are not searched. If Auto Run is enabled then the search results will automatically Zipped up. Otherwise the results will be displayed in the job list. You can select and delete items or hit the ZipBackup button to zip them. If you clear the list and hit the ZipBackup button the search will be done again. All search results are zipped to the same zip file, the one currently in the zip file textbox. If using Auto Run, make sure that the correct zip file name is showing in the textbox before you close the program. AutoZipBackup saves this textbox to the registry every time it is changed!
Any changes to the job list while the search option is selected has no affect on your saved list. If you want to reload your saved list you have to select Use List, then close the program and restart it.

Zip Files Newer Than...
Applies to both list and search. Type in a date and only file created on or after this date will be included in the zip file. Note: If you leave the date blank when doing a search, only files created yesterday and today will be zipped! This is good if you run the Utility from Schedule after midnight, then you backup new files every day.

Exclude Path
. Exclude file paths from zip file. Not recommended.

Include System and Hidden Files.
Include these files in the zip. Not recommended. You may get errors reading system files that Windows is using.

Use this to get a detailed log, including ......... to show zip progress. Not recommended if zipping a lot of large files.

Bare minimum logging.

Update If Newer.
Only updates zip files with newer files, otherwise refreshes all.

Auto Run.
Will automatically run either list of jobs or search, depending on your last selection. Use when AutoZipBackup is run from Schedule. Recommended. (only available in version 1.1 and above)

Delete Zip Button
. Delete the selected zip file (only available in version 1.1 and above)

Repair Zip Button.
Repair the selected zip file. Also use to list files in the zip. (only available in version 1.1 and above)

How To Get Your Free Upgrades

Free upgrades are E-mailed only to those who have purchased version 1.0 online and E-mailed me their software code.
You can purchase AutoZipBackup 1.0 online Here! and E-mail your software code to Tony@utilitysoft.co.nz . I will send you your free upgrade! Make sure you include an email address that will accept attachments.

If you have any suggestions that would improve this Utility Software or find any bugs please send them to me at the above address.
Thanks for using Utility Software


Thanks to Info-ZIP for supplying the DLL files for zipping and unzipping free of charge to developers.
Thanks to Mike Le Voi for his demo of how to use the DLL's. http://modemss.brisnet.org.au/~mlevoi
The DLL files have been renamed to prevent possible version conflicts with other zip programs.

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